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Welcome to Healthy with Hanifa.  I'm a holistic health coach and registered holistic nutritionist with a diploma in holistic nutrition, plenty of experience guiding people with health and medical challenges, and have numerous fitness certifications.  Having struggled with dysbiosis, leaky gut, parasites, and extensive food allergies, which led to severe abdominal distention, I was shamed by relatives and former clients.   I have learned a lot firsthand. My focus, as a result, has become women's health and nutrition with an alternative angle.  Here you will find a 360-degree perspective: tips, articles on sleep, exercise, nutrition, muscle recovery, stress management, and exclusive guest expert advice.  I am the author of Healthy with Hanifa: A Woman's Guide to Holistic Health & Fitness, which is now available on Amazon US, UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and has also been picked up by an online seller in Norway.   If you live in Ottawa, you can buy my book at Singing Pebble Books.  For regular tips follow Healthy with Hanifa on Twitter and Facebook.  I also now have FREE handout & Resources Facebook group where you can get recipes, tracking forms, and tip sheets in pdf format.  

Please join me a for a Zoom Webinar and recipes- "Smog & Healthy Lungs" - Mon., July 31, 2022 at 4:30 EST. 



This section includes exercise, exercise controversies, motivational techniques, do's and don'ts for posture, fitness guidelines for special populations, and mini-workout routines that you can do in the comfort of your own home!   

Holistic Nutrition

Going beyond governmental food pyramids, we look at food's true health benefits, hormonal, and chemical effects on the body.  This includes recipes and tips for different styles of nutrition plans, including vegan, paleo, acid-alkaline, etc. New *Prevent Breast Cancer*

Body Balancing

Attaining optimal health is so much more than food and exercise, it's getting to the root causes for weight gain and other imbalances.  Here we cover stress management, digestion, thyroid issues, and alternative therapies. New *Protection Against Smog*

For Men Too

Articles which cover topics that men might find interesting too--exercise, motivation, guest trainers, protein powders, etc.  

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Books & Articles

Description and links to my most recent books and articles published by third parties!  Please click, read, and share.

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